Why I own a gun

I’ve had this as a draft for awhile, never published it.  Don’t know why…. So here goes: I recently found this posted in the comment section of some obscure “Gun” issue covered by local news. It is BRILLIANT!! Here it is….. I wish I could take the credit for this one: Why I own a […]

Public Bathroom Wars

I haven’t written on my blog for a long time now, just lazy, I guess – it is what it is…BUT…. I’m BAAAAACK! …And now for the news! As hard as it is to believe that we have come to this, but some State-level Government Moron, has successfully written into law, that you MUST use […]

GOP vs. Hillary Clinton

In a recent news piece, entitled: “Pre-book tour, GOP tries to define Hillary Clinton”, wherein, the GOP is building an anti-Clinton infrastructure that aims to undercut her appeal more than two years ahead of the presidential election.” “Ultimately our goal is to stop Hillary Clinton,” said Garrett Marquis of the Stop Hillary PAC, which formed […]