Public Bathroom Wars

I haven’t written on my blog for a long time now, just lazy, I guess – it is what it is…BUT…. I’m BAAAAACK!

…And now for the news!

As hard as it is to believe that we have come to this, but some State-level Government Moron, has successfully written into law, that you MUST use the Public Bathroom that corresponds to the sex on your Birth Certificate.  I’ll just call it:



Now, I’m sure that somebody’s going to have an actual answer for this, and I’m already holding back the laughter……

I’m still waiting to see who’s hiring people to be “Bathroom Gender Checkers“.  And how do they intend to enforce this “Law”..?

Are they gonna hand out Public Bathroom Stall Door Keys?

And even worse….Who would apply for such a job…??  Will they be called PBBS? (Public Bathroom Brown Shirts)  Younger readers may not get that.  (Young Nazi’s wore Brown Shirts)

Drop those drawers, Missy, and gimmie a look!….and while you’re at it, lemmie see your Original Birth Certificate!”  ….Because, as we all know, everyone carries their own Original Birth Certificate everywhere we go, especially to Public Bathrooms, where we know we will need it.

We used to arrest people who peeped through tiny holes between stalls…. Now, we’ll just wrench the door open and demand to see crotches?? And how are they going to choose which Public Bathroom Stall to investigate?? Lay on the floor, and check who’s feet look guilty?

I’m old now, 66, male, and ex-Military, and I sit down to pee.  It hurts my back to stand up for long periods.  Won’t they be surprised to open the door to check why I’m sitting down, and look down the barrel of my .40 cal Glock!!  It’ll be the last thing they see,

Cause you can bet your ass that I’m gonna shoot the first person who opens MY door.!!

Well, that’s my take on the news!


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