Been absent (- but I have a good excuse)

First, I’d like to say “Thanks” to those of you who have elected to “follow” my posts.   So…. Thanks.


I just HAVE to talk a bit about ISIS, and that whole situation.  I have read that the Iraqi Air Force has recently joined the fighting alongside US Fighter Jets.

I hope they can work out a good plan, so they don’t run in to each other….

New technology allows Iraq's new air force to join the fight against ISIS.

New technology allows Iraq’s new air force to join the fight against ISIS.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!!  (Please feel free to circulate the picture and caption….give me credit if you would, please.  Thanks)

I also hear alot about the President directing airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.  I really used to like Obama, but recently, I seem to have come to my senses, and I wonder, how in the heck is he going to get out of this one?  Seems like no matter what he decides to do, he’s gonna be way wrong.  Well, (and I’d say this to any President..)  ‘Good luck, hope you make good choices!’

I think I’ll use today’s writing to catch up on a couple of issues that I’ve been watching.  Been savin’ ’em up…..

One of my biggest bitches is how the US is so buddy-buddy with Israel. They’ve been caught spying on the US for DECADES!!  They stole the secrets to the Atomic Bomb when it was still being worked on here in the US., they’ve been caught red-handed with their paws in the Cookie Jar.

I had the fortune to be able to travel earlier in my life, and was able to spend several years living and working in China.

(This was around the time when President Yasser Arafat was trying desperately to find some kind of common ground with Israel, as they were mowing down Palestinian homes with Bulldozers, and building Luxury Condos for Israeli’s right in the same place!!  Now, it occurs to me, that if someone came to MY house with a Bulldozer, and said,

“If you don’t get out, you’ll be crushed.  Because we’re going to do this whether you like it or not!”
Well, I’d grab my hunting rifle, and tell them to back off, or I’ll shoot.  I think anyone in that situation would react accordingly.  Well, here’s the rub… If you don’t get out of the way, an Israeli Sniper will end your life, your family will be forcibly removed, and they will continue with what they were doing, before you so rudely interrupted their day.

I bring up China because during one of my visits there, I was fortunate enough to get a job at China Central Television.

(I was hired for my voice, as I speak “American Broadcast English”, which means I have no accent from any specific region in the US, and anyone in any country where English is used, can understand what I say.     Handy.)

ANYWAY… I worked in the International NEWS Department, and was able to monitor raw news feeds from around the world.  We could watch Reuters, CNN, AP, BBC, Al-Jazzra, all as it happened…no editing, just the raw – unedited footage.

To my horror, I watched Israeli Snipers, taking ‘head shots’ on little kids who were 3 and 4 blocks away, throwing rocks at their heavily fortified checkpoint.  They would pat each other on the back, and cheer when a child had been killed.  They would wait to see if a friend or parent would rush onto the street to try to rescue the injured or killed.  That would be a “secondary” target. 

And then: 


“Palestinian officials said Israeli troops had killed over 2000 people in Gaza, most of them civilians.” MOST OF THEM, CIVILIANS.

MOST OF THEM CIVILIANS!?!?  Are you kidding me??

If this were anywhere else in the world, there would be sanctions, calls for action, diplomatic emergency meetings…..
but in THIS case, there’s NOTHING!!!     

It seems it’s OK for Israel to just murder anyone they come across and NO ONE complains.


The Palestinian people have no military to protect them, they have no oil, they have NOTHING – And the US CONTINUES TO GIVE 3 BILLION Dollars a year to ISRAEL?????

The time has come for Israel to take care of themselves…they don’t NEED 3 Billion a year…. the PALESTINIANS DO….

Why, Mr President????

Are the Palestinian people really that disposable?   Guess so.  The UN sits on its collective ass and writes letters to Israel, saying, Hey!  Stop that.  If you don’t stop that, we’ll write you another letter saying stop that!

Anyway,  No one ever got to see that footage.  It was determined to be “upsetting” to the viewing audience. Thus, NOT on the 6 O’Clock News.  Nor any other news for that matter.  Just another day in the International News Department of CCTV.  China wasn’t the only country censoring these kind of events.  The U. S.  State Department had made it clear to the International Community that Israel is a “friend and ally” of the United States, and such ‘stories’ would be treated as “undermining” the relationship with the United States, of whoever aired that footage.  Yeah, we’re always the good guy.  (?)


I’m gonna get dinner….  think I’ll write some more tomorrow…. there’s Immigration, Ferguson Missouri..Gas Prices,   oh yeah!!  Lots more……   see ya.






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