GOP vs. Hillary Clinton

In a recent news piece, entitled: “Pre-book tour, GOP tries to define Hillary Clinton”, wherein, the GOP is building an anti-Clinton infrastructure that aims to undercut her appeal more than two years ahead of the presidential election.”

“Ultimately our goal is to stop Hillary Clinton,” said Garrett Marquis of the Stop Hillary PAC, which formed last year and has raised $500,000 and says it has 250,000 enlisted supporters. 

Many Democrats say Republicans attack Clinton almost nonstop because they see her as the strongest possible presidential opponent by far, and that it conveniently fires up conservative voters who are crucial in the fall elections. 

“Republicans are singularly focused on turning out their base,” said Mo Elleithee, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee.”

Singularly focused??, (I asked myself with a sigh), clearly, they are putting all their resources on doing something NEGATIVE – AGAIN… instead of trying do accomplish something POSITIVE, such as, perhaps, finding someone within the GOP, who just might be a good candidate.

“Steve Schmidt, a veteran strategist on GOP presidential campaigns said, “The degree to which Hillary Clinton is positioned in front and center, and not the president, I think it hurts Republicans at the end of the day,” 

Maybe the GOP is just too stupid to understand what all that means…..Just sayin’…

I wrote (in a comment section of Yahoo) the following…as an open letter to Republicans in general, noting that I will most likely get a negative response from the (well known) “Party of ‘NO'”.

USMC 8541

How about, Republicans, you put your efforts into finding a candidate within YOUR ranks that will be the BEST candidate for President of the United States, and the candidate who will be the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB…. and one who will remember that this nation is built of PEOPLE. How about, GOP, you work to find a candidate who will be the Best Person to lead our nation, and to BE IN TOUCH WITH THE PEOPLE?? (Which, notably, most of you are not).
Instead of trying to “Stop” a candidate, how about you START one?????

I realize, that the GOP is driven, perhaps compelled by some cosmic unknown forces, to remain nay-Sayers to the last, but wouldn’t it be refreshing if they did something FOR THE PEOPLE, instead of FOR THEMSELVES??

So watcha think, GOP??  Ready to try something different, for a change??


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