Free Speech. Really?

This one’s gonna be brief.  I tried to remain silent, but after recent events, and news releases, I can’t help but draw a comparison.

“Prince Charles’s comparison of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler triggered a diplomatic row on Thursday when Moscow scolded the heir to the British throne for what it said was an outrageous attempt to sully Russia’s reputation over Ukraine.

During a trip to Canada,  65-year-old Prince Charles told a Jewish woman who fled from Poland during World War Two that in Ukraine “Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler”, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.”  

You’d think he just pee’d on his own shoe in public.  Oh, the outcry!!  What did he say?? How could he say that??

One’s ability to speak an opinion is dead. Just like here in the U.S. Look at the N.B.A…..Remember Marge Shott?? (Look it up) And then there’s Donald Sterling.  He spoke his OPINION – that was a big mistake! Not only was the ‘opinion’ recorded without his permission, the recording was made public. No charges were ever filed against the person who made the recording….. it IS illegal, you know.

The age of “Free Speech” is DEAD. No longer can you express your spoken opinion without fear of reprisal. We now live in a time and a country, where we have to look over our collective shoulder before we speak. Really sad. Kinda sounds like North Korea, or China, where your spoken opinion can lead to jail. I can’t help but wonder when that will become true, right here in America…….

We’re   already halfway there.


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