Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and the United States of America

Sorry, I’ve been away, and not able to post anything interesting, but here, I’ve made an exception:

I just sent this email to Vladimir Putin:

“So, Mr Putin, if China’s military sends masked troops North from Xinjiang into Russia between the borders of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and they capture Barnaul, Kyzyl, and Irkutsk, that should be OK….because many of the people who live there speak Chinese, right? (You can use Google Earth if you need to…)
I already know that you would not permit this….
However, I would REALLY appreciate an answer… because what you are doing in Ukraine is EXACTLY the same. You claim that you are “protecting” Russian-speaking people in Eastern Ukraine (not really… they do not NEED protection, no formal declaration of a cry for protection has been made) So why can’t ANY sovereign nation invade it’s neighbors under the guise that they are “Protecting” people in other countries who just happen to speak the invaders’ language??

I may be wrong, but since so many people in California speak Spanish, could we not be living in fear that the Mexican Military will invade the United States, and capture San Diego?

Dr David M Smith USA”

Let’s hear what he has to say


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