Edward Snowden, Secrets, and Our, no wait, THEIR money.

There have been recent allegations that Edward Snowden couldn’t have pulled of the number of secrets he exposed on his own. There is speculation that he had help.  

U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., says National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden may have had help from Russia.  Rogers implied Snowden was not skilled enough to pull off the leak alone. “Some of the things he did were beyond his technical capabilities,” Rogers said. “[That] raises more questions. How he arranged travel before he left.  How he was ready to go — he had a go bag, if you will.”

Well…. the Snowden Incident will go on and on, and someday, we’ll all figure out how, and why he did it, and who helped if anyone.

SECRETS…. I just couldn’t let that word go.  Secrets abound.  They’re everywhere!!  

I found this in Yahoo! comments, regarding the Snowden incident, and found much of what he had to say was compelling, (I’ll tell you why in a minute)

“I am making this post, knowing that it’ll garner more negative comments than positive comments. I served in the military for 24 years: part of which was under the Defense Security Agency (the military subsidiary of the NSA at that time). I actively supported Viet Nam, Zaire, Grenada, Desert Shield/Storm, Chad, and Namibia: to name a few. I was also stationed in countries that actively sought out North Americans for kidnappings, bombings, and murders. The general public didn’t even know of these activities because they didn’t have the right to know. Yet we’re outraged that the government can keep secrets while we put them out so that everyone in the world to know. Siding with our citizens is one thing; however, siding with the rest of the world is another. I hope everyone realizes that most of the work has been envious of this country for quite some time”

My own experience concurs with the writer (calls himself “Ard”) – – I HAD to add MY 2 cent’s worth…

Agreed. My experience is similar. There were times my team was called upon to visit “places” outside the border of Viet Nam. “Oh, no”…said the Generals, ‘”we are only in places we are invited”. The public was NOT given information about what our teams were doing and WE were briefed and de-briefed with threats of prison, if we ever admitted that we were IN places we shouldn’t have been, or at least places we weren’t invited. The American public didn’t NEED to know where we were or what we were doing. All they needed to know was that the flow of enemy troops and equipment was “interrupted” on many occasions and that enemy leaders were “lost in battle”. If information about our missions were made known, it’s VERY likely we would have NOT come home. Secrets ARE IMPORTANT, and secrets save lives every day. “Thank you, secrecy.”

My signin is USMC 8541 if you want to look it up….


OK, OK…. what’s up about OUR MONEY???  Money and Secrets. A sly combination. THEIR MONEY?  Let’s take a look.


Hold up your hands, now….. How many of you know that the “Federal Reserve” is a PRIVATELY OWNED Commercial Bank??

Thought so.  Here’s a little history:

Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, started a movement advocating the creation of a central bank. The Bank Bill created by Alexander Hamilton was a proposal to institute a National Bank, in order to improve the economic stability of the nation after its independence from Britain. Although the national bank was to be used as a tool for the government, it was to be privately owned. Hamilton wrote several articles providing information regarding his national bank idea. The articles expressed the validity and “would be” success of the national bank based upon: incentives for the rich to invest, ownership of bonds and shares, rooted in fiscal management, and stable monetary system.      (Incentives for the RICH to invest???)  Oh yeah!!

I’ll continue:  In response to this, the First Bank of the United States was established in 1791, its charter signed by George Washington. The First Bank of the United States was headquartered in Philadelphia, but had branches in other major cities. The Bank performed the basic banking functions of accepting deposits, issuing bank notes, making loans and purchasing securities.

The  Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913, provided for a system that included a number of regional Federal Reserve Banks and a seven-member governing board.  All national banks were required to join the system and other banks could join. The Federal Reserve Banks opened for business in November 1914. Congress created Federal Reserve notes to provide the nation with a flexible supply of currency. The notes were to be issued to Federal Reserve Banks for subsequent transmittal to banking institutions in accordance with the needs of the public.

So… now you know.  We all thought that the “Fed” was the express arm of the Government, who controlled all of the country’s private banks by establishing and setting the day’s interest rates, and advising all the OTHER banks as to lending practices, standardized banking, and most of all, (we thought), a Government entity, responsible for securing and protecting the wealth of our nation.  NOT!!!   

It’s REALLY a private bank, run by 7 very powerful people, who decide, day to day, everything about our country’s money… and further, a bank that runs on profit and loss…. mostly profit…benefiting only those who run it.  

Yes, Their money… not ours.           Great secret, huh?


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