Hi all… I haven’t written lately, just because I haven’t thought of anything I thought would be thought-worthy.

Today is a new day…. I came across this while trolling the net and said “wow” out loud.   I think you will too.

The subject is Congress: Our Representatives?

Do THEY really KNOW who they “represent”?  Doubtful.  Please enjoy the following:


All anyone has to do is look at these individuals seated comfortably upon their plush chairs within their gilded secured offices of power paid for by us taxpayers to get angry.

They have never wanted or gone without.

They have not had to calculate how much they could afford to spend on gas while still having enough left over for food, and whether that would be enough gas to get to and from work until the next pay check.

They have never feared looking through the mail every day hoping some random bill hadn’t slipped through the cracks in their monthly budgeting.

They have never stared at a backed up drain wondering how they were going to afford to take the day off of work unpaid, much less pay a plumber.

They have never glanced anxiously out the window at the rain wondering if that old roof was leaking or how much water was pooling up in the basement because they could not afford thousands in repairs. 

They have never prayed while trying to start the car on a cold winter morning, hoping that it started just one more time to get them to work.

They have never felt the anger at watching someone wearing the best clothes, driving a new car, pay for their groceries with their, as well as others’, LINK card (and calling the other people on their new i-phone asking them what the pin number was for their card).

They have never tried to glue the soles of their work boots back on trying to get them to last just a little longer.

They have never had to scrimp and save for a year, or more, just to afford to go tent camping and fishing for a few days.

They have never had the stark realization that, even though they have health insurance (which costs more than their mortgage), that it would only take one accident or major illness to put them out on the streets and lose everything that they had worked so hard for so many years to build.

They have never put themselves through college, incurring tens of thousands in student loans, studying for prosperous, non-frivolous or “liberal arts” degrees, only to hear that their education is obsolete less than ten years after finishing school, and having no way of going back to school as they still owe on their student loans.

They have NEVER walked in the worn out shoes of the AVERAGE WORKING AMERICAN so how could we expect them to do what is in the best interest of or know what it is like to be an AVERAGE WORKING AMERICAN when they, themselves, are NOT AVERAGE WORKING AMERICANS?!



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