Martin Bashir apology to Sarah Palin

MSNBC’s commentator Martin Bashir is trying desperately trying to publicly remove his foot from his mouth. He was ordered to issue an apology on Monday for suggesting that someone should defecate on former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The remark, which Bashir made on his MSNBC program, sparked a firestorm of criticism. Bashir was responding to a comment Palin made in which the former Alaska governor compared the U.S. debt to Slavery. (I still haven’t figured out how make that comparison)

I watched the “apology” video and could not help but think that there was just WAAAAAYYY too much groveling… It’s obvious to a blind/deaf guy, that all he’s REALLY doing, is desperately trying to keep his job. He just goes on, and on, and on, and on……I thought it would never end. Thank GOD there’s a progress bar at the bottom of the video. 

Here’s what he SHOULD have said:
“My bosses told me I had to apologize for saying that someone should take a Dump on Sarah Palin’s head. Although I stand by my thoughts and my rights to freedom of speech, (where one can no longer speak what they feel, and have to pre-think about every word BEFORE they say it…), I still have to say I’m sorry, even though I’m not. In my opinion, which I now, apparently can’t talk about, she’s still a stupid cow.”


There’s a lot of talk Lately about the second amendment, but it seems there’s little talk about the First. 

I’m sure that the “Freedom” part of speech has been a misprint from the beginning, but my first memory of what the power of words can do to someone who says something, quite simply because they believed it, can ruin your life.  Really.  

Marge Schott was the first woman to own and operate a major league team, the Cincinnati Reds, but she was forced out of baseball because she embarrassed fellow owners with her use of offensive racial and ethnic slurs.  Marge Schott emerged from my memory, as one of first that I recall, that lost everything – for saying something (out loud) that she had observed about the physical prowess of the Baseball players on the team that she owned.  

In 1991 a former Reds’ executive sued Schott, claiming he was fired because he objected to her refusal to hire black people. During the trial, one of the “Front Office” staff, said that she referred to the highly paid Eric Davis and Dave Parker as “million-dollar n***ers.”

She denied saying that, but admitted she sometimes used the word jokingly. 

THAT, as I recall, was the beginning of the “N-word” exploitation in America.  You can NOT use that word.  It will cost you.  And, thus, the beginning of the end of modern free speech.

Mark Furman, an L.A.P.D. Police Officer turned the tide against O.J. Simpson by admitting that he used the “N-word” frequently. He told the truth.  From that point on, the case focused on HIM, HIS use of the “N-word” and others who did the same, and openly admitted that they, too, had used the word at some time in the past.   O.J. was acquitted.  Not because it was proven that he did NOT commit murder, but because the Jury lost interest in the MURDER TRIAL, and zero’d in on Mark Furman, and his use of language.

Most recently, Chef Paula Deen.  The 66-year-old Savannah kitchen celebrity was swamped in controversy since court documents filed revealed that Deen told an attorney questioning her under oath that she has used the N-word. “Yes, of course,” Deen said, though she added, “It’s been a very long time.” She lost her job for TELLING THE TRUTH, and admitting that she said the “N-word” IN THE PAST!! 30 years ago!!

Freedom of Speech is VERY selective.  I exercise MY right of free speech, here.. in my blog… BUT the next blogger might say something that offends, and will be swept up in a national controversy.

The right to “Freedom of Speech” no longer exists as first imagined by our Founding Fathers.  There are thousands of such examples.  Most revolve around a simple ‘slip of the tongue’ that’s caught on tape, when the speaker thinks the microphones have been turned off…. or particular words uttered during a news interview… or an Editorial Commentator saying something he/she believes to be true… or someone else accused of some other “crime of speech and/or having an opinion” 

Whatever you do… don’t say anything out loud!!


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