Affordable Health Care isn’t the REAL culprit!!

I read about the thousands of people who are being “Forced” to acquire new insurance policies that they don’t want because of “Obamacare”.  OK, I understand. Obamacare’s criteria isn’t being met by SOME current healthcare plans.

Here’s the rub:

The Government isn’t cancelling thousands of healthcare plans….  Insurance Companies are.

I may love my current plan, but, because of certain elements buried deep within “Obamacare”, my current plan may not cover (let’s say…) access to birth control, (I’m 64 and doubt it will be an issue)  my Insurance company will cancel my current plan because it doesn’t comply with the new regulations.  

I am forced to acquire a NEW healthcare plan, and OF COURSE must pay a higher monthly premium to cover the difference in costs, between my previous plan, and the “new” one I MUST take.


Instead of simply changing the coverage to comply with the, now required coverage, (simple enough to do… add access to birth control to your coverage), they cancel you, and then make available a “New” plan, which DOES include “birth control” for TWICE the cost of the old one.

(Remember…”birth control” is only an example I’m using to show how STUPID we are by being SHEEP, and just sitting there and taking the crap that the INSURANCE INDUSTRY is shoveling upon us by “LOOP-HOLING” us into higher payments).

CHANGE MY CURRENT COVERAGE TO INCLUDE THE NEW REGULATIONS!!!!  DO NOT JUST CANCEL ME.  Sure, my premium may go up a few bucks, but I KEEP the coverage I have NOW!!

What is WRONG with this picture??  Does NO ONE notice that it’s the INSURANCE INDUSTRIES that are doing the REAL damage??


Oh yeah…speaking of ‘damage’

Many in Congress are squawking that the enrollment figures for Affordable Health Care are so low that it’s not worth the trouble that it’s causing.  Again, we’re being led down a path that isn’t the REAL TRUTH.  By all reports, more than 700,000 applications flooded the Government Website, and as a result, it crashed.  Only a few applications actually made it into the system. 

Underestimating the number of applicants caused the system to fail.  The numbers of completed applications reflect only those lucky few who squeezed through (less than 50,000) and finished the process.  


End result?  It’s the Insurance companies, not the “Affordable Health Care Act”  It’s the INSURANCE COMPANIES that see a GOLDEN opportunity to charge you more per month, and all under the guise of “Obamacare requires it”.


Good Grief!



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