The NEW American Revolution in the wind?

All the signs are there, some subtle, some not so much. Lurking in the shadows, however, there is an undertone of great dis-satisfaction with our Government.  

Indeed, the ‘approval’ rating of Government in general, is at an all-time low.  

A story broke today, that the Obama Administration KNEW – over 3 years ago, that MILLIONS would be forced to change their health insurance coverage, and that for the most part, a vast majority would pay premiums that are TRIPLE their current rate OR MORE.   

Before the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, President Barack Obama promised Americans they could keep their health care plans if they liked them. But already hundreds of thousands of citizens are receiving notification that their plans are being canceled because they don’t comply with the new law, and, according to NBC News, the Obama administration has known for at least three years the cancellations were coming.

On June 15, 2009, Obama said this: “We will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.”

Many are finding that not to be the case. More than 300,000 cancellation notices have been sent out in Florida, according to Kaiser Health News, and another 180,000 in California. In New Jersey, the number of cancellations tops 800,000, the Star-Ledger reports.

The list is growing………..

I had stated in an earlier post, that I would include commentary from the people about the subject that I am writing about.

(Punctuation and spelling are exactly as stated.  I do not edit nor correct the comments of others.)


Here’s the “pulse of the American People”:

Here are my real numbers with Blue Cross of Illinois. I currently pay $837 a month to insure my family with a $3500 deductible. It is an HSA plan. I was advised that it is being cancelled even though I have had it for 7 years. In order for me to maintain a similar policy with Obamacare in place, my premium goes to $2100 a month! In order for me to keep my premium close to $800, I have to go to a $6000 deductible, eliminate the HSA provision and limit my choice of doctors. What happened? Blue Cross said that my current plan does not fit the requirements of Obamacare.


I cannot even get through the system because they are looking for documentation that my daughter is a US citizen; first she is , born and raised , check your records, second , she is not applying for insurance , she is under her Dad’s plan. Why do I have to prove who my adult child is when I am the one applying just because she lives in my house. Check the status of all the illegal aliens walking around irst , then come to me.


My wife and I received a cancellation notice. I sent an e-mail to the president via the web site and received a form response that did not even address my frustration / question regarding what the president clearly stated and the reality. We now will have to pay 30% more for health care coverage. Our new coverage will has provisions like maturity coverage that we were not paying for before because we cannot have children, but I do not see how paying more for something you cannot ever use is a good thing.


Nobody should be able to spin this, even state run nbc news. You can’t promise people “They can keep their healthcare and their doctor, if you like them, period,” Obama said 29 times when 750,000 Americans just received notices of cancellation of their current insurance policy and tens of million more cancellations are coming by Jan 1. My 63 year old neighbor is losing his healthcare because his current plan does not include the hospital stay for birth/maternity. He made the joke that he was neutered when he was 36 after his third child was born. So he’s had the same doctor for 19 years and he liked his doctor and his plan; So why can’t he keep them President Obama? You are a joke and an embarassment. Leave us alone!!!!!!!!


More than 300,000 cancellation notices have been sent out in Florida, according to Kaiser Health News, and another 180,000 in California. In New Jersey, the number of cancellations tops 800,000, the Star-Ledger reports.

According to NBC News, approximately 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million Americans who buy their health insurance individually should expect to receive a cancellation letter over the next year “because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law.”

So how I’m reading this is that, instead of getting 14 million more people access to health insurance, this bill has kicked people who could (barely) afford insurance off their plans and forced them to either pay more for the same coverage, take the government plan, or pay a fee. How is this suppose to help people?


Huh…and this is a surprise how? Why do you think they always exempt themselves from everything? I’m just wondering how much more damage he is going to do while he’s in there. I hope everyone that voted for him, will seriously research and consider their options in the next election. Rather than voting for someone because of their race, or because of the free handouts they promise. I can’t understand why people want to take a free country and turn it into a socialist one where the government controls their lives.


All I know is I work my #$%$ off to build up my company. And give my employees a good health plan and now I have to try and find another one which is going to cost me two time the amount. Why should I have to pay for ins for people that do not work for me or are unable to get a job or just like to sit home and get welfare. I feel that is unfair to me and all the other hard working Americans.


The brain dead liberals supported a 2800 page health care bill in congress that the congress did not read. I will sell any liberals a 100 million dollar home with 10 Rolls Royces in exchange for your savings, IRA’s and 401K’s in cash. I will write something up on the 100 million dollar home and Rolls Royces I am selling you, but I will not allow you to read it. Just give me everything you own in cash and then see if you can find the 100 million dollar home and Rolls Royces that I sold you! Any takers? Keep worshiping your messiah Obama, brain dead liberals!


Wow, Obama lied? It’s not the first time and won’t be the last. He is hoping this will all lead to single-payer health care. That’s what he’s always wanted. From the beginning he said he was going to fundamentally transform America. We are seeing this over and over again. My health insurance is going up 28%, initially. Justice Kennedy and the Supreme Court had a big hand in this thing going forward. Our elected Congress repeatedly ignores us instead of standing up for us and defending the constitution. Impeachment of this president is the only way we can save and preserve what’s left of America. We are on the fast track to becoming a socialist country.


So I have had my own health insurance that I pay for out of my own pocket for the last 6 years. I have a decent plan that I can barely afford as it is. Just checked the aca website out of curiosity, and the best plan they show is over $150/month more than I pay, aca plan has less coverage, a lot higher deductible and max out of pocket!!! But good thing is, if I ever become the first man to get pregnant, I will have coverage. How is this affordable??? I hope that I do not get cancelled, or that my premiums do not skyrocket after the first of the year, but not going to hold my breath after what I have been hearing.


When Obama was coming into politics, I started to follow him in hopes that he would be a good thing for America. Immediately after he was elected as an Illinois Senator, he was asked if he was planning a run for the Presidency. His response was, that he was elected as a Senator and would focus on that job, he would not run for President. Shortly after that, we all know what happened. I knew from the start, he could not be trusted.


I’ll close with this last comment……  it seems to sum up what the majority of us seem to think…..


Question, Are the people of the USA so blinded that they cannot see what is taking place in this nation?!?!? Government control is not the answer to any of our problems. Our current government wants to control not only insurance, but also farmers, gas companys, electric companys, doctors, etc. He wants total control of all we now have the freedom to select for ourselves. If “We the People” do not take a stand on the taking away of our freedoms and rights, we are going to become just like China—No Rights for the people unless the governments says so. Is that what this nation wants. Just stop and think how many lives have been lost so we can go to the church we want to attend, select what insurance and doctors we want, buy from the companys and corporations we want, talk on the phone without being recorded by “Big Brother” and the list goes on. Please for goodness sake people of the USA open your eyes and see what we are allowing to take place in this country before it is to late. There is still hope for America, but only if we take back the control the government has already taken and stop them from taking more. I believe with all my heart that our current president’s number one objective is to destroy this great nation by takeing away our rights and freedom. He is not for the poor, middle class, or rich; he is for himself and putting people under his control period. Think people, think. How many lies is it going to take; how many sugar coated pills are we going to take; how many times are we going to be slapped in the face by the people WE put in office. We put them there and we can take them out. Please do not put your trust in slick talking people who do not give two cents worth about you.

(The amount of commentary on this subject is staggering… I randomly selected a few for your reading pleasure.)

Thank you for your time to read my blog.  God bless you, and God bless America…. oh wait………………can I say that?


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