I think that it’s important for the readers of this blog, to not only hear what I have to say about things in general, but to get to know the general public a little better and to see what THEY have to say, that otherwise wouldn’t be heard.  I also have the hope that in changing to my new format, that you, the readers, will share the address to my blog, and invite others to also hear what’s going on outside their normal channels.  So, I’m changing my format from Dr Dave Smith’s look at the news, to:

“America, through their eyes


These are comments from average folks who are just like you and me. I think that the country’s outrage at our “leaders” is beginning to show….

All of these comments are re-posted here, with no corrections, nor any editing for spelling or grammar.  


On Social Security, and Disabled Veterans raises being the lowest in history…


“What else is new. All the politicians will get a raise. They don’t have a care in the world as it is.They don’t ahve to try to make ends meet. decide if they will eat or pay bills. they don’t have to juggle Doctor visits or medicine. Look at all of them. None of them look as if they have missed a meal. Some could stand to miss a few and walk instead of riding every where they go. Must be nice to be living high on the hog while the rest of us “ordinary” people have to struggle to get by.”


“The Govt. can’t understand that everything is going up as they base the COL on what people on Social Security spend and since they get less every year they spend less, so to a politician that means their COL hasn’t gone up. However look at the big pay raises they give themselves to cover their increased expenses. I would gladly give up my COL increase for the next 5 years just to have what they will increase their pay this year.”


“They may as well keep their tiny little pay increase as the cost of Medicar will most likley go up so what do we end up with near nothiing. Why not give Congress a big cut in pay, especially since they do nothing for the work they don’t do. Seems they sure take a lot of time off for doing nothing. Why not make they stay like they do juries until the problem is fixed and take away their perks and pay, bunch of lazy no goods for sure.”


“I like how they assume that people on Social Security need nothing: no clothes, no travel expenses (to store, doctor’s office, etc), no OTC medications, no repairs to their home or car, no heat or A/C, no items that average people purchase. If they are able to pay for medicine and rent or mortgage, that is it. Nothing else needed for them. Most people spend more on pet care than they expect the seniors and disabled people of this country to live on after paying for just the meds and housing expenses. Pretty shameful manner in which older/disabled people are treated. No wonder the country is sinking.
A 1.5% is nowhere near enough for people who depend on Social Security and don’t have other income. It’s pathetic how they nickle and dime older people out of the money they paid in and now look down on them and begrudge them virtually everything.”


“This is #$%$. My company and I put the money into my social security account. Then the government uses it when they had no right to touch it. Now they regulate it and tell us what we can have. I think they should pay us back everything they borrowed with interest, just like any other loan and leave our social security alone, it’s not their money. All people collecting there own social security should protest Washington, call their senators and congressmen and tell them we have had enough of them screwing with our retirement money. This is no longer the America I grew up in, Washington has trashed our constitution and totally killed our free country.”


and, finally…….


“I received a letter from a widow friend of ours.
She had to sell her small home to pay the deceased spouse medical bills.
Now she is trying to get into low-cost assisted housing in Fl. near where she presently lives.

They want a Certified Letter from SS as to her income. The SS office is closed
and as normal the Govt agency will accept nothing but a Certified Letter from SS.

She may be homeless before she can get the letter.
She has worked since her teen years and is looking at a very bleak future.

There are NO Golden Years for the Average American Citizen anymore.”





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