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While the Government shutdown continues, the debt ceiling looms, and the American people are getting fed up.

I love reading the “comments” at the bottom of articles posted on Yahoo!.  I thought I’d share some of them.  Some are serious, and others are really funny… but all carry an underlying theme….

Hey Congress!.. get your Sh*t together, and stop holding the American people hostage over your own political ambitions!!

Here we go….. (I’m not responsible for spelling or grammar errors)


“Here’s a better offer…Instead of temporarily raising the debt limit, let’s temporarily stop paying all politicians and public officials until the budget is balanced! Let’s stop loaning foreign nations arms and money with funds we’ve borrowed! Let’s immediately cut all pork barrel legislation both ongoing and future! Let’s stop wasting money and lives on wars we should have never been involved with in the first place! 
Let’s focus all our resources and energy into making this country great again, and let the rest of the world police itself for a while!”


“When are you clowns going to wake up Boehner. You are conceding and that #$%$ in the white house and democraps are conceding nothing. And what fantasy world did you get raise din, a short term limit on raising debt. We already can’t pay back what we owe and you allow more borrowing. So does the short term debt increased by the commie democraps go away once that short term is over or do we still owe it. Wake up moron.”


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one:

“I suggest this: Have all politicians wear clothing with the logos of the groups and corporations that have donated to their election campaigns. Kind of like a NASCAR outfit. At least this way we know who controls them. What do you think?”


“Woopty-do! Like putting a Band-Aid on an amputated arm! I can’t believe how stupid we are for putting up with this baloney. I’ve tried letters, emails, and showing up for meetings! The only thing the government officials are going to notice is votes against them at the ballot box or riots in the streets!”


WOW, This guy’s REALLY mad:

“Line up all members of the house And congress and exicute them all publically to serve as a reminder to future members what happens to those who commit treason year after year and take the american peoples’ money jobs, and future (17 trillion). simple solution.”


“Oh swell – so the Republicans can say “hey, we tried but he won’t deal” and feel virtuous for their attempt at a compromise, and the White House can say “we already told the Republicans we don’t do business this way” and feel virtous for not compromising their principles and meanwhile none of them actually has to do a darn thing except draw a paycheck for breathing.”


“I’m all for some sort of agreement, but here’s what I see happening.
They sit around and bicker for around 5 weeks and then they try to figure something out at the last minute AGAIN. Except this time, the last minute is happening just around Thanksgiving. These idiots think they “work” so hard that they would rather have their “well-deserved” holiday instead of actually fixing something. Nothing gets done and we are right where we are now.”


“How is it that our country has gone almost 5 YEARS without a budget??? The most basic tool in every household, organization and economic entity in the world. How can the leaders of the United States believe they should be allowed to run an entire country with no economic rules or restrictions on spending??”


“I wish to know how much money is under the table from sponsors and lobbyists to all these fakes Washington politicians, certainly they are abusing with the trust of the American people. I also wish to know if any of them will donate their salary to those employee that are not getting paid. We all know the answer, shame.”


In closing, one of my personal favorites:


“Dang! I was hoping the government would shut down permanently – but then I wouldn’t have any articles to make snarky comments on.”


It’s been fun…. I’ll be back again soon.





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