WORD CRIMINALS!! You’ve made speaking a word into a crime!!! It’s a WORD. Get OVER it!! Have you never heard:”Sticks and stones can break my bones, but WORDS can never hurt me”? Sure, it’s a kids rhyme, but its absolutely true. WORD CRIMINALS!!!

It’s a WORD. A vibration of the vocal cords that makes a sound that others can hear. The spoken word can not hurt you…..unless of course you’re so emotional that you THINK that vibrations can actually harm you. (Not).

Paula Dean should get a medal for being honest. Yes. She said a word. Decades ago. Give her her job back and pin a medal on her for admitting that she was a “WORD CRIMINAL” many years ago. She’s rehabilitated herself, and earned the right to be employed again.

Grow the “F” up, America!!


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