Washington D.C.: Olympus IS Falling

I just read the article regarding a new book:  “This Town” by 

Mark Leibovich.  In it he points out what’s wrong with D.C.

here’s the link:  


OK. We all know that D.C. is a crap-heap, with corruption, graft, and other unspeakable crimes being committed every day. SO……..HOW DO WE FIX IT??

Voting doesn’t work. Rep’s will vote party lines, and Dems’ will too. Most of the people don’t vote any more… we believe that our vote don’t count because the VOTE COUNTERS are corrupt. (Florida/Bush…you remember)

They’ve made impeachment almost impossible, and that’s controlled from within.

Is the Second American Revolution our only recourse?

Let’s go, ReadersImage……. Maybe, just maybe… one of you will have the answer.
(sarcasm and comedy aside, a REAL answer)


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