The NSA, the CIA, and the recent Verizon “Surveillance” stories

Almost every country in the world engages in some form of surveillance. Spying has been going on since the early days of Man. NO BIG THING.  If you’re stupid enough to use websites that tell you how to make bombs in your garage, you’re stupid enough to get caught. Remember… when you go into “Public” you have NO reasonable expectation of privacy.  There are Bank Cameras, Traffic Cameras, Home and business security cameras  ALL taking YOUR picture…whether you like it or not.  Your cell phone uses radio frequencies. ANYONE with a tune-able radio receiver can listen to your calls. (You can buy one at Radio Shack…try the 800 MHz range).  Those who call for another “investigation” or another “Committee” about “spying” are doing nothing than wasting taxpayer money.  


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