Free Speech, Fried Chicken and Watermelon….. so what?

Sergio Garcia crossed line with ‘fried chicken’ comment about Tiger Woods

Tiger and Sergio have taken “WORD WAR” to the next level.


Food now seems to be a “Racially Charged” topic.

Wow…I wonder what we would all do if he had said, “Watermelon”. The word would reverberate through the Halls of Congress! Yea Verily, and even to the Office of the President, who, I’m sure would hold a press conference about the subject.    You must spend a week considering what you can say, and what you cannot, with out “offending” someone. AND God help you if you forget yourself, and speak a word that has not been approved by your lawyers.  You’ll end up apologizing your ass off…and kissing the butt of whom ever jumps up and claims they’ve been “damaged” by your words.


                                                                 Free Speech in America……is dead .


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