Afghanistan Our next big mistake

Write your Congresspersons, your Senators, email them, call them, annoy the crap out of them, harass them, go to their offices, and put sticky-notes on their homes, their cars, and on their office doors!!!! Tell them WE WANT OUT!!  WE MUST get out of Afghanistan NOW. FORCE them to pressure the Pentagon, the DOD, the Office of the President to get us OUT.  This is a nation of “We the People” (you wouldn’t know it most of the time because we act like sheep) and “We the People” Need, NO, Must put an end END to this MADNESS.  Have we learned NOTHING from VietNam??  I’m sick and tired of seeing more senseless deaths EVERY DAY of my Brothers and Sisters in the Military… for WHAT?? Ask yourself:  for what??  We lost over 57,000 +/-good people (47,300 Combat Deaths -10,700 Civilian and support personnel – 153,000 wounded – and 2,500 STILL MISSING)  How many in Afghanistan?? Do we need to set ANOTHER record? TELL THEM TO GET US OUT OF AFGHANISTAN – NOW!!!!!!!!


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