The only thing a background check will uncover, is IF the applicant has a record. People who HAVE a criminal record typically buy THEIR guns off the streets. They know that IF they are IN the system, permission to buy a gun will be denied.  SO… either they buy a gun from the black market (no background check) or steal it…(again, no background check). 
The background check, by the way, has nothing to do with gun REGISTRATION (another really dumb idea), as anyone with hacking skills, can get into THAT system, and have knowledge of EVERY LEGAL GUN OWNER who has REGISTERED their gun(s) are located, and will know WHERE to go to STEAL one!!  Hackers can (perhaps) make a fortune SELLING this information to the bad guys!!
When the day comes that we can predict when someone will “snap” and goes off the deep end, and uses perfectly LEGAL guns to RANDOMLY kill people, THEN and only THEN will we have something. 
Gang shootings, and drive-by’s are another issue completely. They KNOW what they’re doing, and just don’t care.
Gun Control?  A waste of time and money.  People Control…….?


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