Follow up to “Gun Control”

Please, by all means read the comment I allowed submitted by “bettyfordalumni”.

Here’s a fine example of taking nit-picking to a new height.  Comments of mine were taken out of context, and “argued” in favor of ‘alumni’s’ point of view.

Let’s examine…

The title.   “Gun Control” is a common term, and most everyone knows (oops, my mistake) that the comment is gun-related in general.

Regarding the ‘no one has ever used alcohol or tobacco to deliberately harm anyone’.  Wow. Living under a rock must have its advantages.

Alcohol and vehicles have been a bad mix ever since they were paired up.  Alcohol gets large groups of people killed NOT DELIBERATELY!!!!!!

Drunk drivers don’t THINK they’re going to kill people (even themselves) when they get behind the wheel of a car.  Up on the curb they go, and people die.

Whole families who are killed in high speed head-on collisions with drunks, teenagers who are packed in a car ALL die when their car sails off the road, because the driver was drunk.  How about the drunk Ex, who runs over his/her target.  Knowingly pointing the car to kill.

And finally, in closing… yes, I included a global number for readers to understand that tobacco deaths are not limited to the US…that it kills MILLIONS…and you can still buy this poison most anywhere in the world.  More often than not, without having to show ID.

And to ALL who read this… I invite them to visit  Subtitled, “Drink and Swear”.  I especially enjoyed the photo of someone urinating…. just after I read how the writer had “killed everyone in the village”.  Scroll down to the “Saturday” message, where it is suggested that sneaking a beer before 5 is somehow a good idea.  That’s where I stopped.

Out of context seems rather unfair, NOW, don’t you think?

Just sayin’


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