Gun Control??

In 2011, there were 32,310 traffic deaths.  10,839 were alcohol related.  (Source: Washington Post”)  Maybe we should ban cars.  Maybe we should ban cars with large gas tanks.  In this country, Alcohol is responsible for more than 100,000 (Yes, that’s ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) deaths every year.

Worldwide Tobacco Use Killed 6 MILLION in 2011, (Source: Cancer Society)

Why haven’t we banned tobacco??  Certainly, tobacco and alcohol represents a much greater risk of death than any gun.
The US GOVERNMENT RECEIVES Billions of dollars in taxes from the annual sale of Cigarettes and Alcohol.  THAT’S WHY CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL ARE STILL LEGAL.


3 thoughts on “Gun Control??

  1. There are few major logical gaps with this argument. I appreciate where you’re coming from, but you’re going to want to tighten this up if you want anyone to take you seriously.

    1) The title, and thereby the assumed subject of this blog post, is “Gun Control.” Not gun banning. This makes your comparisons to alcohol and tobacco uneven. Alcohol and tobacco are already extremely controlled in the United States. If we’re making an even comparison, it would seem fair to most logical people to suggest that we do need some more gun control.

    There are still a lot of places in the United States where no one can legally purchase alcohol. They can still get a gun in every one of those counties.

    2) No one has ever used alcohol or tobacco to deliberately harm or kill a large group of people, and this point on it’s own makes firearms an uneven comparison with alcohol and tobacco.

    3) Your research “cites” worldwide tobacco use, but for this conversation we don’t care about worldwide tobacco use because we’re only talking about the United States.

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