Gun Control

BAD GUYS DO NOT HAVE A RULE BOOK. We have become mired in, and are drowning in laws that only affect LEGAL, RULE-FOLLOWING AMERICANS. I would never, in my dreams, let this government know if I have a “grandfathered” gun or not. THAT GOES TOO FAR. I refuse to put handcuffs on and then attempt to protect my family, my neighborhood, or my community. Senators, and many other “Lawmakers” are carrying guns, and are surrounded with security personnel with guns….Automatic, with VERY HIGH capacity magazines. We want no more, and no less than what they are doing. Lead by example? OK. And you can bet that MY guns are NOT automatic like your “security guards” are carrying. Spend your efforts in finding ways to relieve the “Bad Guys” of THEIR guns, and I’ll continue to maintain MY rights under the Constitution.


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