Fiscal Cliff

This is my first “Blog”.  I picked the theme “Balloons” because I thought it fitting.  I’ll be blogging about the News, Politics, our “Leaders”, and other people full of hot air.

Here goes…

Congress had a year to fix this. What’s this “last-minute” crap?? All we hear from Republicans is “NO” to EVERYTHING! How about it, Mr “Boner”? Want to keep your job? How about a ‘Yes’ this time? Power corrupts, Mr “Boner”, and you have WAY TOO MUCH POWER. AND “American’s pay will plummet”?? WTF!! How about Congress? Will they ‘feel the pinch’? No. How about millionaires? Will THEY feel the pinch? No. Who gets the F-ing shaft AGAIN?? Those of us who actually work for a living.

Congress/theSenate, ALL of our leaders MUST STOP HIDING BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!! America must INSIST that from now on…ALL negotiations, ALL talks, and ALL sessions of “OUR elected officials” will be open, and televised for ALL TO SEE. Period. NO MORE CLOSED DOORS. We want, no, we DEMAND to SEE and HEAR exactly WHAT OUR, yes, OUR government is doing for the money WE pay them. WE MUST DEMAND TRANSPERANCY in our Government!!


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